In other, other news:

  • It's really really ridiculously snowy. If I had a nickel for every snowflake that fell in my eyes today... wait, that would hurt... and in nickels that wouldn't actually amount to much.
  • This week I've been having a Jim Carrey movie marathon. He's just sooooo funny.
  • I bought the fedora de awesome that we're going to put everyone's name in when the Fiercely Fawesome First Contest ends. *cough*youshouldenterifyouhaventalready*cough*
  • Psht. Jacob? Please. I've resold my soul to Thaniel Fox.... and Seth... and Shevraeth... and Drizzt... I should just stop here. *sobs and wishes they were real... and points out that they pwn Jacob*
  • Malice comes out in 2009! *shrieks fangirlishly, realizing that she's probably the only one who cares*

Speaking of which, what books of 2009 are earning your fangirlish shrieks? Or, you know, not... if you're the type that doesn't shriek... Aella, I know you must be looking forward to Envy and Death by Denim *winkwink*.

And I know Little Brother and Hero-Type are on the top of my list, but what were your favorite novels of 2008?



The Whirlwinds said...

Yes! Death by Denim! Yes! *happy dances in tribal regalia* And Envy? I want a copy. I need a copy. I am slowly dying for the fact that I so desire a copy. I'm not... sure... I can... wait...

Anonymous said...

City of Glass! Shiver (by Maggie Stiefvater)! LEVITHAN! The Demon's Lexicon! The Forest of Hands and Teeth!
...I could probably go on like this for a while.

And yeah, I'd say I'm pretty excited for new Chris Wooding too. :)