aaaand we're back!

So, we've been gone from the good ol' Mael for a while now, and coming back has instilled me with a sense of nostalgia, but seems to have instilled in others a sense of frustration. One question we've been asked since we came back was from Cassandra who said in comments "eek! why do you guys keep switching blogs? *grumbles to self while changing bookmarks AGAIN* actually, that's a good question. why do you change blogs? isn't one just the same as the other? except, you know, the color scheme and stuff..." and I'm not sure if we've ever actually answered that question thoroughly. I mean, we know why we switched, but you might not.

We switched from the Maelstrom to Charybdis Reviewz because 1.) there were legal issues with us having the same name as a publishing company that impeded us from some of the things we plan on doing and 2.) because blogger was frustrating. It was hard to manipulate everything that we wanted and Wordpress offers some things that Blogger doesn't, like multiple pages for one blog (instead of multiple linked blogs) and more detailed statistics about which posts are popular, incoming links, etc.

We came back because 1.) the legal issues were cleared up and 2.) we just missed the Mael too much. We did enjoy our stay in the realm of Wordpress, but unlike on blogger, you have pay to change the HTML code and make other, more advanced, changes in the layout and this was something we had not anticipated. I'm not saying that Blogger is better than Wordpress or anything, only that the format of Blogger is better suited to our tastes.

Again, we apologize for switching blogs, but we do also hope that the opportunity to win some fawesome prizes makes up for any inconvenience.

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