And the bookmoviefail CONTINUES

Oh you thought it was over. That we wouldn't get together again and watch yet ANOTHER horribleawful book movie. Well you were wrong. *evil/insane laughter ensues* What is it this time? The Golden Compass!!

So first off, daemons. I never realized just how many animals would be terribly awkward to have as a daemon. Most animals actually. Having a flamingo? Or a giraffe? Or a spider?! What if someone stepped on it? That would be the WORST. Imagine it, people would just be dying all over the place because they steppped on an ant or something that was someone's daemon. And don't they find it weird that it's all "OHMYGOD that boy doesn't have a daemon!!" but in every scene with the witches, you don't see a single one and it's totally normal.

Also, we noticed that there was a slight imbalance in the budget for this movie. They spent a ton on the gorgeous three-second scenery shots but then remembered that they had to pay for actors... enter Dakota Blue Richards. And I love how they completely screwed up the ending. Everything was shuffled around so I kept getting confused. And then at the end Roger definitely isn't dead and they fly off into the sunset. *headdesk*

Off to watch the Neverending Story 2 (which I believe Aella will post about on her blog soon),


PS My favorite part from the book actually made it into the movie. I was incredibly happy.

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