Link to the Arts #2 - D. M. Cornish

Yes, it is time again to delve into that strange and wondrous realm of the arts. This time I have chosen an illustrator of varied talents, for you see, D. M. Cornish illustrates his own books. You have heard of the Monster Blood Tattoo books, haven't you? (note: if you have not, I implore you to plunder the first, Foundling, from ye olde library).

D. M. Cornish is the father of a fantastic world called the Half-Continent, which is where the various adventurings in Foundling and Lamplighter take place. It is a world filled with monstrous beasts and the monstrous individuals who hunt them. They are frequently portrayed throughout the books in a splendid style which suggests that the images have been taken from the sketchbook of an observer. The illustrations are vital to the novels because they contain so many unique creatures. Though the descriptions of said creatures are excellent and would suffice alone, the opportunity to peek at what the author imagines exactly is a rare treat which I find quite enjoyable.

An online portfolio of D.M. Cornish's can be found here: http://www.daviddraws.com/
It contains a few of the Half-Continent beings that we have read about so far in the book, as well as many whose future roles I can only guess at (the green-skinned archer intrigues me greatly).

Also, this author/illustrator is a fellow blogger *cheers and applause*. His blog can be found here : http://monsterbloodtattoo.blogspot.com/

From the Shadows,


*Heather* said...

I'm very intrigued now...

Reese said...

The red one is particularly awesome.