oh dear...

I've decided that in order to do everything I need to do, I'm going to start lurking around the library during my free time (hah, free time... that's a good one) and kill-- I mean, wait patiently for a free spot in the computer room.

I logged into blogger for the first time in a forever and saw that there are many many posts for me to read and so if I don't right at this second (13 minutes until they'll yell at me to start shelving some books) I will at some point.

On another (completely random) note, there are a lot of series that need to die. Like, they were great when there were, oh, say 3 books (or even in some cases, a single novel) and now it's just kind of *yawn* "What, there's a new {insert series name here} book out? Really? I'll probably mean to read that, get halfway through, decide it's really not as good as the first and leave it on that conveniently placed table for Q weeks until the library calls and asks why I'm holding it hostage."

Only bringing this up because the other day (which was... three weeks ago...) Aella and I trekked to the bookstore... okay no. We trekked to the movie theater to see Coraline and just happened to stop in at the bookstore. The movie was GREAT... the failbat displays in the store, not so much. I mean come on! Twilight on one side and Eragon on the other... ugh...*hunts for matches*. And also, we found an entire floor-to-ceiling shrine to the Goddesses of Agressive Vapidity... who I'm sure are vampires... since everyone else seems to be these days. Even in the CAFE we couldn't escape the vampire-ness.

*Aella and I wait in line for scrumptious looking Reeses cookies*
Woman at nearby table: "No no. Robert's not a vampire... he just doesn't like the sun..."
*We glance at each other, knowing that we both heard the same thing, and burst into gales of laughter*
*Woman gives us a strange look*

We really need to go there more often. P'raps help them out with some of their display choices *mischievous smile*

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